BatchLeads now offers an additional strategy for uncovering lucrative properties listed on the market. It involves leveraging the technique of keyword analysis to pinpoint hidden bargains. Rather than relying solely on traditional searches, you can now search specific keywords used by listing agents when they introduce new properties to the MLS.

Start by going to "property search" with the location icon in your menu, then choose to either type out an area in the search bar across the top of the screen (the user in the example has searched "Jacksonville , FL") or use the the pencil icon in the bottom left hand corner to draw a boundary. Choose "On Market" as your strategy, then click on "all filters" on the right. Once the filters are opened, click on the "MLS Status" section.

Once the "MLS Status" section is open, go to the "MLS Description" area and begin typing out keywords and phrases you'd like to identify in listing descriptions. (You must separate each word/term with a comma)

Examples of keywords you can try include (but are not limited to):

  • Motivated Seller
  • Fixer Upper
  • Must Sell
  • Needs Work
  • Contractor Special
  • Investor Special
  • Handyman
  • Cash Only

After applying all of your preferred filters, view the results in the bottom right hand corner.


To save a list, simply click "select", then "+ Save". To open the details of a property, click on the address.

 In the example below, the user has gone to the "MLS" tab to find out more about the property. Within the first sentence, it has already matched one of the previously entered keywords! To see a full walkthrough of property search, click here.