To create a New Campaign, click the Campaign Manager icon from the left navigation menu. Then select SMS Campaign

From the Campaigns view, you can click the Create New Campaign icon to create a new campaign. 

You'll need to provide the following information for your new campaign:

Campaign Name → Your Campaign Name should be a unique name that describes your campaign and is easy to reference. 

Market → You'll need to select the Market for your campaign from the dropdown list of your available markets. You can learn more about managing your markets here.

Default Timezone → Select the default timezone to use for the campaign. The timezone determines the window during which text messages can be sent (texts will not be sent from 8:30 PM to 8 AM local time).  

Webhook → You can select the webhook that you have configured, or you can supply a Podio push email address, and assign the campaign to specific Users if you choose them from the dropdown (the default is set to all users). 

Once you have completed this initial step, click Create Campaign. The system will ask you to import your contacts. 

Importing Contacts → If you are importing your contacts/list directly to your SMS campaign, you can proceed now. 

Drop your list on the box or click to upload your list from your computer. Then proceed on the next step.

Mapping Data  → Once the file has been uploaded, you will provide mapping details to continue with the import process. You will match fields from your source file to the fields provided in the interface. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, the Source Fields on the left represent the fields that we found in your data. Use the dropdown menus under the Destination Fields on the right side of the page to match your fields to the appropriate destination fields in our data.

Note that Phone 1 is a mandatory field, so you should ensure that your import data includes value for this field. 

Click Submit