The following video provides a walkthrough showing how you can push a list from a map search that you've performed, into your database of properties. 

You can push a list from your map search to your property database. 

Just search for the properties, for example by searching for a zip from the Properties area of BatchLeads (which you can reach by clicking the Properties button on the main left navigation menu). 

From there, you can use the Select feature at the top of the right home details pane, which gives you the dropdown options to either select all, select those that are visible, deselect all, or select a certain number of properties by typing in a number in the provided field. 

With the properties you care about selected, you can then click the Add button to the right of the selection dropdown, which will allow you to create a new list. Just select the Create New List option from the Save Properties dialog that pops up, and provide a list name. 

You will be notified if your monthly allowance has been reached of properties that are included with your monthly plan.