This guide will show you how to skip trace a single address in your BatchLeads account. If you'd like to see how to import your own list to skip trace click here. OR if you'd like to learn how to skip trace in bulk from 'Properties', click here.

Start by going to "properties" from the menu on the left. You can search for something or use your filters to find the property you're looking for. Once you see the property you'd like to skip trace, click on the address to open the details (shown in image below).

Once the details of the property are open, click "skip trace" under the "property details" tab (shown in the image below).

You'll have the option to assign it to a new list if you'd like and it will give you the estimated cost. It is estimated because you'll only be charged if BatchLeads is able to bring data back for you successfully. BatchLeads will also never charge you for duplicate skip traces. Click "skip trace" at the bottom after reviewing.

If there is available data, it will appear instantaneously. 

Hover over the "i" to get more information on a specific phone number. You can view...

  • The phone provider the phone number belongs to (T-Mobile, AT&T etc.), 
  • The type of line (mobile number or landline)
  • If it's on the national DNC list and 
  • If it's reachable and has been tested (if it's reachable and has been tested, this means that the phone provider has reported that there has been successful call made to that phone number in the last 6 months.