How to create a Zap using Webhook URL

In this example, we will create a webhook URL so we can use the "PUSH TO CRM" button from Batchleads Inbox going to PODIO. 

1.     Login to zapier 

2.    Click on Create a Zap "button"

3.    Choose "Webhook" on the left side. 

4.    In the Trigger Event, choose the 2nd option which is "Catch Hook".

5. On the Setup Trigger, copy the webhook link

6.     Once you copy the link, Add a Webhook to your Batchleads account and paste the webhook link.

7.    Before we test it. make sure you added the webhook to your campaign/s.

8.    You can now use the "Push to CRM" button in Inbox for us to test the trigger. 

9.    Going back to Zapier, Click to "Test Trigger" and it will give you a successful request pushing a lead to your         webhook app.

10.    Click Continue and it will move now on mapping the information to the correct field of your CRM. 

11.    Choose your CRM that want to Integrate

12.    In Action Event - choose "Create Item/Lead" if need to create a new lead to your CRM

13.    Sign in your CRM by logging in - some CRM will ask API KEY for you to log in. 

14.    In the "Set up Action", you will need to map the information that you want to put on the specific fields.

         E.g. First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Address

15.    Once you're done, it will ask you to TEST and CONTINUE.
         Note: Make sure you map it correctly thus you might get an error message. 

16. Once it's successful, you can now TURN ON your Zap app.

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