Once you've added properties to your account, you can filter them and use bulk actions to be more efficient. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using bulk actions with your saved leads. To learn more about FILTERING your saved properties, click HERE.

In this video, we will show how to use Bulk Action in the Batch Leads in your saved properties in Dashboard.

Start by opening "properties" from your menu on the left. In the image below, you can see the users account has over 75,000 properties currently saved. You can use filters to grab a specific list you're wanting to use bulk actions on. 

To learn more about filtering your saved properties, click HERE.

Then click FILTER then you can choose a List that you wanted to filter on your Properties Tab.

For example, if I wanted to pull all the properties that are on two or more on my list and will not select a specific list then select No in Skip Traced option so I can pull all the properties that have not been skip trace yet.

From the bottom, it will show how many records you haven't skip trace on two or more of your list.

After filtering your list you will see a white button Select Properties on the top left-hand corner.

Where you can Select All, Select Visible, or Custom Number option.

After you select properties you may need to click ACTIONS.

In Action you do have a lot of options where you can:

Lists - Add or Remove

Self-Managed Yes and No

Tags - Add or Remove

Export to Excel

Skip Trace

Add to Campaign - SMS or Direct Mail
Add to BatchDialer
- If you have an account with BatchDialer, make sure you set up the integration first (found in your BatchLeads settings , then by going to "integrations".

Opt-Out - Yes or No


In this article, I will choose Skip Trace to show you how it works.
You may need to put a File Name.
Optional to Assign to List or ADD NEW.
Optional to Assign to Tags or ADD NEW.

It will also, show the Total cost.
You have two options for the payment you can use Wallet Balance or Pay Now using your credit card directly on your account.

After putting File Name and Payment Method you need to click SKIP TRACE.

Our system is designed to remove duplicates. Leads/Records that are skip traced within Batch Leads already will no longer be skip traced again. That way you will not be charged twice for the same lead/record. You will be able to see the information under the Skip Tracing tab. Those are the Match and the Match Savings

However, you will be charged again if you select Updated and re-skip trace records - Clicking this checkbox will update and skip trace all records even if they have been skip traced before. You will be charged again by selecting it to see if there's an updated record or information on the leads that you skip trace.

Take note: 

All skip trace requests are final upon submission.

Requests are non-refundable and cannot be paused or canceled once submitted.

By proceeding, you agree to those terms.

After selecting SKIP TRACE there will be a message SUCCESS you may need to wait for the result.

Recent information pop out here in the Properties Tab or you can refresh it on your end.

You can go to Skip Tracing Tab to see the results.

You will see Total Records, Total Hits, Hit %, Matches, Savings, Total cost, Status, and Added Date.
You can also download the result by clicking the Result download button.