This guide is the perfect place to find out how to List Stack or find properties on multiple lists within your BatchLeads account. Using this feature and the rest of our advanced filters will help you find the properties with the most pain and highest motivation, ultimately decreasing your cost per lead and cost per contract!

Before you're able to stack your lists, you'll need to import properties into your account. If you haven't done this yet, click HERE to see how. Once you have multiple lists imported and saved into your account, go to "properties" in your menu and click on the while "Filter" button at the top of the screen.

You'll have many options for filtering, like lists and tags saved within your account, a filter for list and tag count, property vacant, mailing vacant, absentee owners, properties you have or have not skip traced, properties you have or have not opted out, properties you are or are not self managing and even an option to filter lead statuses. There are also conditional filters in the bottom right corner that are great to use for date added, zip codes of your properties etc.

The best way and most straight forward way to start stacking your saved lists is by adjusting the "List Count" bar (shown in image below). Using this alone will tell the system to cross reference all of your saved lists and only show you properties that are on a specific number of list you decide to set. In the example below, the user has adjusted the bar to 3 - 15 lists, which will then only filter properties that are a minimum of 3 or more saved lists! Once done, click "apply filter" at the bottom.

In the image below, after the filters were used to find only properties on 3 or more lists, the system shows the results at the bottom and you can view the "List Count" to see the number of lists a specific property is on.

Example 2: You can use your filters in so many different ways and find properties on multiple lists other ways, such as perhaps filtering the list count and putting a "property vacant" filter on top of that (shown in image below) which would not only show you all properties you have saved on a set number of lists, but which ones out of those are also vacant! 

Example 3: OR you could do something similar to the example shown in the image below, where they selected 2 lists in their account under "exclusively" which will show only property that are exclusively on those specific lists. They also added a property vacant filter. After clicking "apply filter" based on the example below, the only properties that will populate will be on a preforeclosure and high equity list AND are vacant. The point is that you can utilize your filters in endless varieties to view any type of property within your account.

Why is this so important? Glad you asked! Stacking your existing lists or finding properties on multiple lists can ultimately help you target the most motivated property owners with the most pain or distress! Practicing this will bring your cost per lead and cost per contract down in the long run. Instead of not knowing where to start within your thousands of properties, you can list stack and find property owners with more motivation which is a great group of prospects to skip trace and market to! If you click on an address after filtering what you'd like in your list, not only can you view the property details, use the comping tool etc., you can also click on "Lists and tags" to view exactly which lists it's on! (shown in images below)

(Property details after clicking on an address)