Quick Filters are an amazing tool you'll want to get in the habit of using! BatchLeads is constantly updating your saved data and categorizing your leads for you so you can stay up to date on what' happening with your saved addresses! They can even help you find new ways to get organized! See the video below to learn how to use them and along with a few tips and tricks on getting organized.

Go to "properties" from your menu to see all of your saved addresses. The quick filters will show at the bottom of the screen and the numbers will always been changing as your data in being automatically updated! How cool is that?

If you haven't imported any addresses yet, click here to learn how

In the example below, the user has over 75,000 properties saved and out of those the quick filters help break them up and let them know how many of those 75k are "preforeclosure", "vacant", "tax default", "high equity" and more! To use them, just click the the quick filter you want to show the properties in that category.

If you want to take it a step further, try using your deeper filters at the top of the page first, then adding your quick filters on top! In the example below, the user selected to find properties they added from April 1 - April 30 using the "conditional filters" (Click here to learn more about these filters displayed in the image below)

Once the user applied the filters they are now viewing around 66,000 properties they added in the month of April and the quick filters will change and now categorize the addresses that have been pulled up! Always use your deep filters first, then stack the quick filters on top to have a clear understanding on what is going on with your saved leads! Click here to learn more about what you an do with them using "bulk actions"