BatchLeads allows you to set up your own Signalwire account and be able to control your own sending reputation.

To register your Signalwire account to A2P 10 DLC please follow the instructions below

How to register to Signalwire's A2P 10DLC and how to integrate your BatchLeads account with Signalwire?

1. Click the “Messaging Campaign” option on the left side menu of your screen.

2.Click “Add a Brand" 

3. Fill out all the fields needed. *Most of the registration of 10DLC has the same information needed so if you registered to 10DLC of Batch before, it will be the same information needed. Please note (EIN Doc is required)

4. Once you have created a Brand, kindly create a new Campaign.

5. Then, you would have to select the Brand where you will create your Campaign.

6. After creating a Brand and Campaign and once they are approved, you would have to put all the necessary        information to your Batch Leads account such as (SignalWire Project ID, Auth Token, Space URL,

 Campaign ID).

7. To get all the information needed, just go to your API Tab on your Signalwire account, locate the Project ID, Space URL and Token. Copy them and paste them on your Batch Leads account.

8. To get the Campaign ID, go to Messaging Campaigns Tab > Campaign > Select the campaign you created > Copy and Paste the campaign ID.