I just ran into some rejected addresses. What does that mean?


Rejected addresses can be seen as a sign that BatchLeads is working. If BatchLeads flags an address as rejected, it means the address provided did not pass verification. 

You may observe that the number of rejected addresses that you get increases as the reliability of your data source decreases. If addresses are being scraped from questionable third parties, there may be issues with the data, and you may receive more rejections than you would if the addresses were provided from a more reliable source.  

A rejected address is one that is not deliverable by the USPS, and an address can be rejected for several reasons. Very common are addresses that are technically valid, but are non-deliverable (such as vacant lots). Also very common are addresses whose street/city/state/ZIP combination may be correct but the primary number is incorrect.

For example:
1 Mercury Ln Winslow, AZ 86047-9346

The address exists in a county database, but it is not USPS validated as an address that can receive mail. This address will be rejected. It is possible to force-add an address to your database despite its being rejected, see the article entitled Adding Non-USPS Verified Addresses To Database.

There may be other issues, such as the house number being missing from the address (i.e. "Reed St, Lake CO 80226", or "PO Box Holt MN 56738"). 

Lastly, an address may just not exist- the street may not match to the city/state/ZIP combination.