This guide will show you how to select a list from your BatchLeads account and push it to BatchDialer as well as how to easily view and manage which addresses you've pushed to BatchDialer in the past!

NOTE: You'll only be able to push lists from BatchLeads to BatchDialer if you have ALREADY integrated them and created a campaign within your BatchDialer account. 

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Click HERE to learn how to create campaigns in BatchDialer

Once the integration is complete and you have an already created BatchDialer campaign, go to "My Lists" from your BatchLeads menu on the left. From here you can go to "Filter" to find the exact properties you're wanting to push to BatchDialer first. (We recommend "List Stacking")

NOTE: You must have already skip traced (obtained the contact information on) the addresses you're wanting to push to BatchDialer.

After filtering (optional), click "Select Properties" near the top left hand corner and choose what you'd like to push.

After selecting the addresses of your choice, click "Actions", then "Add to BatchDialer" (shown in image below).

Choose an already created campaign here from your BatchDialer account and tell the system which phone numbers from your skip traced properties you'd like to include in the push. Click "Save" when done. That's it! Your list of contacts will now be attached to the campaign you chose in your BatchDialer account and you can start dialing!

Keep reading to learn a simple hack on how you can view which properties you've already pushed to BatchDialer!!

Keep reading to learn a simple hack on how you can view which properties you've already pushed to BatchDialer!!

TIP: Go to "My Lists" from your menu and click on the "table configuration" icon near the top right hand corner (highlighted in image below).

Use the blue scroll bar to see the data options on the very right. Here you'll find a data display option for properties that have been pushed to BatchDialer. Check the box to add the data point to your view in "My Lists". If you'd like to see it it closer to the property address for example, Drag it to the left with the intersecting arrow option next to the check box.

After dragging it closer to where you'd like to view it on your table configuration of data, click "Apply" at the bottom.

In this example, the user moved it's positioning to appear right after the MLS Status column so it's easy to see and filter out the properties that have or have not pushed to BatchDialer!