Did you know that around 30% of contracts come from strong follow up? BatchLeads makes it simple to follow up with your leads and it can be extremely beneficial to your business if you're consistent and genuine. This guide will show you how to create a follow up campaign in BatchLeads, along with a few tips and tricks! Haven't started your first campaign yet? Click here to learn how.

TIP: Make sure that you have placed a status on every message within a specific campaigns' inbox to ensure a simple and organized follow up campaign. To learn more about the inbox, click here.

Once your campaigns inbox is categorized into the proper statuses, creating your follow up campaign will be a breeze! Go to "SMS campaigns" in the menu and click "create new campaign" on the right (shown in the image below).

On the next page, select "follow up campaign" at the top. 

Name your campaign, choose the market, any webhooks or CRM, select the campaign you're planning on following up with and select the lead statuses you'll be including in the follow up campaign. (This is why we recommend placing a status on each message thread in the inbox). In the example below, the user chose to be following up with everyone they placed under "not interested", "follow up" and "no response".

Original Send Date

You can use the date selection popup to provide a date range for when the campaign was started. 

Last Response Date

You can use the date selection popup to provide a date range for when you received the last response for the campaign. 

Once you have filled out the necessary fields, click the Create Campaign button to save your follow-up campaign. When you're back in the Campaigns view, you can filter to show active Follow-Up campaigns to see the campaign you created. 

Once done, click "create campaign"! That's it! Scroll down to the bottom of the guide see a tip on being consistent!