There are so many amazing features right within your inbox that this guide will fully explain as well as show you a few best practices. If you haven't yet started your first campaign, click HERE to learn how.  


When you're sending texts out from your campaign, we recommend taking notice to the "total sent today" section (this will update in real time) and taking a break to go reply in the inbox. It's easy to come back to the campaign and taking a break from sending out messages in the campaign will allow you to rest your phone numbers and will improve your deliverability!

In the Inbox:

When you're ready to start viewing your replies in the inbox and begin texting people back, click on "inbox" from the menu and choose the campaign with the messages you'd like to view. (Shown in example image below - the user is going to pull up the inbox for their "tired landlord" campaign)

Chat Thread:

When you click on a message, it will open the thread on the left and the coordinating property will be viewable on the right (thread is highlighted in the image below)

In the text thread you can:

  • Simply type your reply and click "send"
  • Click "quick reply" if you'd like to insert something you previously composed in your SMS settings
  • "clone a prospect" which can be used if someone replies to you and says you have the wrong number, but maybe they provide the owners correct number - you can clone a prospect to send an immediate message to an updated contact.


By default, unread messages are displayed. You can use Filter Settings across the top to display messages based on status and how you've set the Lead Indicators (Unread, All, Hot Lead, Warm Lead, Not Interested, Verified Owner). 

TIP: Make sure you place a status on every message to keep everything organized. As you place statuses on each message, the system will organize them into the categories for you (the slightly grey labeled bubbles toward the top). You can also click the "status" bubble under the status icons to set other options like follow up, refer to agent, wrong number or make offer.

Lead Statuses:

Property Details:

You can view details regarding the property in the right pane under Property Details. You can view the quick info, leave Notes and create Tasks (like appointments or reminders). If you click on the property address on the right, you can even use the comp tool and see if they own any other properties under "owner profile"! The Push to CRM button can be used to push the information to whatever CRM you have configured. 

That's all there is to it! Click here to learn about creating follow up campaigns!