Cloning a prospect is an awesome feature to use when you receive the response in the inbox from a contact telling you they either need to to contact someone else (like their spouse or family member) or maybe they don't own the property anymore but have the info of the new owner. If they provide you with an updated contact number, you'll want to Clone the prospect record, so that you can create a new record with the new phone number that still has the information from the original property. 

In the example below, the lead replied and asked the BatchLeads user if they could contact their wife instead and provided her name and phone number. In similar cases, click "clone prospect". (see images below to see next steps)

In this example image, the user entered the wife's name and phone number and typed a text message right away trying to reach her! Depending on the scenario, you may want to mark the original number as "opt out". 

Since this is a new message, it will most likely show up under "no status" (highlighted in image below). Make sure you put statuses on all of your messages to keep things organized! The new message thread showing up now has the wife's name and phone number and it still connected to the original property address! 

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