There are multiple places you can import properties and create SMS campaigns within BatchLeads, however, this guide will show you quick tips on the best place to import and the best way to tag your lists so you can completely eliminate texting people in your account multiple times. If you're still getting started, be sure to refer to the links attached throughout this guide.

Step 1: Import your lists into "My Lists" from the menu Learn more about how to import HERE

When you import into "properties", BatchLeads will automatically filter out any duplicates and only create 1 profile for each property address. When you import your list, the system will have you save them under a list and tag.

Step 2: Use your Filters to find the list you'd like to market to.

Step 3: Select the properties to skip trace them (if they aren't done already) and add it to an SMS campaign

How to Skip Trace Addresses from "My Lists"

Step 4: Create the Campaign

You can push the list to an existing campaign or a new one. Once finished with filling out the required fields, click "save changes" at the bottom. (learn more about creating SMS campaigns here)

Step 5: TAG THE LIST - This is the key to eliminating texting people multiple times. Place a tag on it indicating that you have "texted" them, or "sent SMS" or whatever you'd like. This way, when you start another campaign in the future, you can use your filters to exclude anyone you've "texted".

Final Step: "Exclude" the tag when you filter your properties for future campaigns

If you tagged the properties you texted, all you have to do to eliminate texting them again is go to "filter" and "exclude" any properties you have "texted" (or whatever you named your tag)!