This guide will show you how everything works in campaigns and share tips on monitoring your deliverability

If you're just getting started with SMS, be sure to see these guides:

High level walk through of SMS campaigns - Tips and Tricks

Click on the Campaign button on the left navigation menu to load your campaigns. 

From the Campaign Manager, you can view your current campaigns along with a variety of statistics to see how well they are doing. 

You can create a new Campaign from the Campaigns interface by clicking the Create New Campaign button. 

You can use the dots along the left of each campaign listed to bring up the actions menu for that list, which allows you to View, Edit, Remove as Completed, Archive, and Import Contacts. 

Using the Filter options allows you to search for a particular keyword or keywords, filter by market, and also filter by campaign status. 

You can view a specific campaign to see statistics about the batches of contacts you've reached out to and your deliverability! To see tips and tricks on how to how to monitor your deliverability and things you can do to improve it, see the video above.