So you recently finished an SMS campaign and noticed a large group of contacts never responded. What's that about? It might be a good time to export those contacts and attempt reaching them through other forms of marketing (like cold calling)! You can export a list of prospects based on their SMS response status in your inbox. 

This guide will show how to export leads under "no response" which is an automatic status BatchLeads organizes for you. If you're trying to export any other statuses like "hot lead", "verified owner" etc. keep in mind that you'll have manually add that status before exporting them (the little icons to the right of each message thread).

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Step 1. Go to Inbox and Select the Campaign you want to view

Click on the message bubble icon in your menu to open the inbox and choose the campaign inbox you'd like to view (highlighted in image below) -the user in the example has chose their "tired landlords" campaign.

Step 2. Select the Status you want to export - Reminder: "no response" is the only automatic status - if you'd like to export something else, you must have already manually changed the statuses with the little icons to the right of each message thread.

The status categories are highlighted in the image below - in this example, the user has selected to view all of their "no response" message threads

Step 3. Select the messages and Export - Click the dot to the left of one of the message threads to start selecting, click "select all" at the bottom, then click the export button (highlighted in the image below)

Step 4. After clicking the "export" button wait for it to be process and sent to your email inbox

5. Wait for file to be sent to your email - Click “DOWNLOAD NOW”