You can access your User Settings menu by clicking your User icon in the upper right hand corner of the BatchLeads site. 

From the User Settings area, you can manage the following aspects of your account:


Your name, address, phone (cell and landline), profile picture, timezone, and login password can all be edited from the Profile section. 


Your payment history and billing account information can be accessed under the Billing section. You can configure details regarding your billing account, such as whether you'd like to recharge automatically or not. You can make changes to your subscription and see pricing details for your plan and other plans, or you can cancel your subscription. You can also access your Billing History

Data Management 

From Data Management, you can access lists that you have either uploaded or created on BatchLeads. You can filter your views, to see only what you want, and you can also add new properties either by clicking the Add New Property button or by clicking Import Properties if you'd like to import a list of properties. 


Under Data Management, access 'Tags' to manage the tags you have created to help you organize your BatchLeads lists (see Understanding Tags and Managing/Editing/Deleting Tags for further guidance about using tags). 


The 'Users' link gives you access to manage the additional users that are set up for access on the BatchLeads site. From here you can add/remove users, edit user accounts, delete accounts, or login as users (depending on your access). See the help article Adding and Managing Additional Users for more info. 


The Referral area is where you'll go to manage your affiliate account details, such as your links to share and your payout account info. More about Managing Your Affiliate Account here



You can set up and manage your integrations with CRM's (customer relationship managers) from the Integrations area of User Settings. You can add a new Webhook from this area or edit/remove existing integrations as well. 

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are used when you are importing properties, in case there are fields that are in your source data that you'd like to retain on import into the BatchLeads system. For example, your import data may have a middle name column, so you can create a Custom Field MiddleName. More about Using Custom Fields here

Phone Manager

From this area you can Manage Your Phone Numbers that you use to send texts and how you receive messages to them.

SMS Templates

Manage your SMS Text Message Templates from this area of User Settings. This is where you can access the templates you'll use in your messaging campaigns. 

Quick Reply

Manage your message library related to Quick Replies that you can use to respond to your leads from this area of User Settings. Quick replies are available in the messaging portion of Batchleads and allow for quick template responses to be sent to owners. 

DNC Manager

Manage your DNC (Do Not Call) settings from here. 


Manage the Markets you've purchased numbers for to text from. You can edit the market name, or change the call forwarding number from this area as well by clicking the pencil icon next to each market name.